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Design that reaches beyond aesthetics to capture immersive experiences through visual storytelling. Whether it's a seasonal window display, a creative pop-up installation, a set for film or an editorial photoshoot, merging innovation and human connection through design is my passion. From ideation to execution, I strategize closely with your team to achieve an engaging design experience that will capture the heart and narrative of your brand. 

In The News:


Holiday Displays NYC

Pilot Window for Windowed World Storefront Project

One of my installations involved designing a pilot window for Windowed Worlds - a city wide project to fill empty storefronts in New Haven, CT. Utilizing recycling products I created a Siren’s seascape to speak of sustainable practices in our communities. I can proudly say that my design lead to the program receiving its funding and a successful signed lease for the property owner. The lease was signed within a month of the widow display installation after the space had been vacant for over 2 years, proving the power of a well designed window. 

Power Ties 

Window concept featuring a power suit as a power dress encompassed my design ethos of inclusivity and empowerment. The dress was made from hundreds of vintage ties, holding the history of the many businessmen who once upon a time wore them.

Circus Show

A playful take on memories from childhood, the nostalgia of vintage combined with the fantasy of the circus filled this storefront with stories to entice all who passed by, to enter the promise of escape from the mundane.